Hey! My name's Joshen (joe-sen). My journey with graphic design began in 2019 at Clark College, where I realized I have a knack for problem solving through visual communication. After I received my AAT, I transferred to Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR to continue my education. In the summer of 2022, I interned with a local PR firm, Leverenz & Associates, where I had the opportunity to work with clients such as Pioneer Courthouse Square, PDX Live, Page St. Sound Lab, Anthem Memory Care, and Onelife Senior Living. I obtained my BFA in Graphic Design & Photography in the spring of 2023.
My brain is constantly flowing with different things I want to do, so having multiple creative outlets helps me express that. I want to create more than I want to consume. I’ve always thought about how every single human-created thing had to be designed at some point and physically made. The shirt that you're wearing, the chair you sit on, the car you drive, the buildings surrounding you, all of it was thought of and designed by people. Sometimes you appreciate the quality and characteristics of a design, or you could be frustrated with the lack of functionality and aesthetics. Maybe you go about your day and it doesn’t even cross your mind. My goal is to make people think and appreciate the things that I create.
I'm a second generation filipino immigrant. I've lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life, which is home to beautiful scenery. My favorite color is blue. I'm a May Gemini and my personality type is INFJ. My favorite Pokémon is Vaporeon. I have an undying love for pugs. I also love tattoos, houseplants, playing guitar, playing video games, camping, going to the beach, and spending time with family.
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